The world-renowned wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE invited me to become an ambassador to his recently launched campaign to stop the slaughter of the wild tiger. David’s campaign is called "TigerTime” and is dedicated to raise global awareness and to help fund frontline action in order to prevent this animal icon from becoming extinct. There are just 3500 left in the wild.

David Shepherd said, "I am in my 80th year and so excited and extremely moved by Olivia at only 7 years old, taking on conservation issues head on like a professional. It is so important that all the adults of the world listen to this young and intelligent voice. She has recognised that protecting wild animals including the nearly extinct tiger is critical to our very own survival. Man has destroyed species, but man can save them too. I am proud to have Olivia part of the TigerTime team. And all who watch Britain’s Got Talent should vote for Olivia to win”.

I am passionate about all animals and excited by what is happening to me at the moment because of my TV appearance on BGT. To me though, we must all help save endangered animals and I am proud to be helping the TigerTime campaign now. I will be telling all my friends at school to sign up at Everyone must do this! Everyone in the world”.

I also helped start a new tiger painting with David Shepherd that will be auctioned for the TigerTime movement. How many 7 year olds can say they have painted with probably the most famous wildlife artist in the world? This is fantastic.

Me my mum, sister Chloe and David Shepherd plus my lovely friend that needs all our help

Adding paint to the canvas with David Shepherd for the TigerTime project

David Shepherd let me paint the Tiger's nose and Mum, Chloe and me with the TigerTime Certificate

Me being filmed by BBC South East
at David Shepherd's studio in East Grinstead

David Shepherd, me and my
TigerTime Ambassador Certificate